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Our provider Rhia Dizon and Our American Urgent Care & Infusion Centers Medical Professionals Staff provide Immediate Urgent Care and Primary Care, Medical weight loss services.

Washington / Lamb


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Headache Diagnose

To know more about your headache visit American Urgent Care in Texas. We have all the necessary equipment and our doctors are well-trained and experienced in managing headache conditions. The doctors will first diagnose the condition properly and then start with suitable treatment. Call us now to book an appointment with our healthcare specialist and speak to him about your condition.

FDA approved weight loss medications

FDA approved weight-loss drugs are more successful when accompanied by good nutrition and frequent exercise. Our doctors will prescribe you the perfect weight loss medication suitable to you.

Diabetes Management

For diabetes management, visit American Urgent Care. Our doctors will do your health check-up and accordingly give you a management plan. For an appointment call (702) 720-3011.

Health Care

We can offer you the best health services customized for you, that may range from yearly physical to the treatments for critical and chronic diseases, depending upon your conditions.

Workplace Injury

When an employee is injured at the workplace, the quick and safe recovery of the employee with minimal disruption to the business is a top priority for employers. Our clinicians not only treat injured employees but refer them to in-house specialists as needed.


If you or anyone you know is suffering from the effects of sexually transmitted diseases, our expert providers will take care of your health and help you recover.