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Our provider Amber Lee  and Our American Urgent Care & Infusion Centers Medical Professionals Staff provide Immediate Urgent Care and Primary Care, Medical weight loss services.

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Healthy weight loss

weight loss medications

Achieve healthy weight loss with prescription weight loss medications. Our experienced doctors suggest safe and effective treatment plans to lose weight.

Diabetes Management

type 2 diabetes diagnosis

Diabetes is a common condition that affects people of all ages. There are several forms of diabetes. Type 2 is the most common. A combination of treatment strategies can help you manage the condition to live a healthy life and prevent complications.


what is a migraine?

The migraine brain is vulnerable to changes, including dietary changes, stress levels, sleep patterns, and yes, even weather variations. Although it doesn't always follow that every time the weather changes, you could be at risk if it's a substantial change.

Contact American Urgent Care if you are unable to manage your migraine when there is a change in weather conditions.

Urgent Care

urgent care for pain and injury

Our highly credentialed healthcare professionals are ready to handle everything from sprains to auto-injuries, from pain to vein and much more.

Primary care

primary care physician

You’re a complex individual with unique needs. When it comes to taking care of your health and wellness, you need a healthcare provider who can take care of you from head to toe.

Primary care is your first resource for healthcare. It’s about having a provider who will partner with you to help you stay healthy and able to live your best life.


Hepatitis Treatment

Like all STDs, the best way to be aware without a doubt in the event that you have hepatitis A, B, C is to get tested — whether you have symptoms or not. If you observe any symptoms of hepatitis, you should get tested.