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Our provider Francisco Corpuz and Our American Urgent Care & Infusion Centers Medical Professionals Staff provide Immediate Urgent Care and Primary Care, Weight loss services.

Eastern / Serene


9310 S. Eastern Ave
Henderson, NV 89123


Tel. : (702) 381-6206

Fax : (702) 381-5487


Mon - Fri: 9 AM - 5 PM

Migraine and headache

Migraine and headache

It is important to seek medical help. You can also go to American Urgent Care if you are having regular headaches, which can be a sign of a migraine.

Want to lose weight

Want to lose weight

Schedule an appointment with one our weight loss providers at our Clinic to discuss and evaluate medical weight loss.

Urgent Care

Urgent Care Near Me

Our urgent care center is staffed with specially trained physicians and experienced nurses who are ready to care for your urgent condition without having to schedule an appointment.

Primary care

Primary care Near Me

Our team of expert specialists and clinical assistants are here to facilitate next steps on your path back to health. We offer the opportunity for patients and relatives to discuss any problems which have arisen in patient’s recovery.


hiv testing near me

American Urgent Care helps patients living with HIV successfully in various ways. Adhering to HIV treatment and attending regular medical check-ups are part of a lifelong commitment to your long-term health.