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X-Ray Services in Las Vegas, NV

American Urgent Care & Infusion Centers offers an x-ray lab on site with immediate interpretation by physicians who diagnose and treat injuries and illness from broken bones to pneumonia.

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When a broken bone or sprained tendon happens, it is a stressful time for everyone in the family. Rushing to a hospital for attention usually entails hours of waiting time, so the option is not ideal. However, if you walk into American Urgent Care & Infusion Centers Las Vegas & Henderson NV for all your x-ray services, you will be helped in a quick and efficient manner while avoiding long wait times. Our clinic is centrally located in Las Vegas, and offers services to residents of neighboring areas as well. At American Urgent Care & Infusion Centers, we have an excellent team of medical professionals, which includes nurses, x-ray technicians, and physicians. All of our x-ray experts have many years of experience in taking x-rays and providing diagnosis to Adult and senior patients. So whether you or a loved one have a broken bone or pneumonia, we can provide a fast and accurate diagnosis, and help you get the best medical treatment possible at our walk-in clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada. American Urgent Care & Infusion Centers accepts most major insurances and is happy to work with patients who have no insurance to find the best alternatives. We are open during working hours from Monday to Friday and welcome you to see our specials. Our medical team hopes to have you feeling happy and healthy soon!

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