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Primary Care Clinic in Las Vegas, NV

American Urgent Care & Infusion Centers In Las Vegas, NV Provides Immediate Medical Care for Seniors and Adults 5 Days a Week. Call 702-693-6222 or Walk-In, No Appointment Needed.

Making an appointment months in advance with your primary care physician can be an inconvenient and difficult event to plan. At American Urgent Care & Infusion Centers, we offer walk-in appointments with our primary care physicians, so that you can avoid the headache of planning in advance when you are in need of a check-up. American Urgent Care & Infusion Centers is a friendly and accessible urgent care clinic located in Las Vegas, NV and offers care 5 days of the week for busy adults and seniors.
Our physicians at American Urgent Care & Infusion Centers have many years of experience in primary medicine. So whether you are looking for a routine check-up or have specific medical needs, we welcome you to our comfortable clinic in Las Vegas. No appointments are necessary; we can help you as soon as you walk into our clinic.
In addition to our great team and fast services at American Urgent Care & Infusion Centers, we also offer on-site lab testing facilities, so you can have tests taken during your physical. All of our results are timely and accurate, and range from STD testing to drug testing for employers. We hope that our excellent team of compassionate professionals can help you and your loved ones feel healthy and happy soon!

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